10 Best Cat Wall Shelves – 2023

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Cat Jumping onto Cat Wall Shelf

Cats enjoy climbing and exploring their environments, and cat wall shelves offer your feline friends a fun way to exercise and satisfy their need to climb. Shelves for your feline companions also direct your pets’ attention away from your carpets and furnishings. With their love of heights, tree-dwelling cats will enjoy cat shelves and the opportunities they provide for jumping and lounging from lofty summits.

Wall shelves also allow skittish pets to travel around the room out of reach and in calm security when strangers visit. In addition, cat owners who live in small apartments, condos, or other homes with limited space will appreciate wall shelves since they provide a feline play and exercise area that occupies minimal floor space.

Top 10 Best Cat Shelves Reviewed

1. Yiotl Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Cats Shelf and Climbing Shelf Four Step Cat Stairway with Sisal Scratching for Climbing Sleeping Playing Lounging Perching Cat Furniture

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DIY CAT SHELVES – Cat hammock and cat climbing ladder provide a multi-level design to fill your cat’s instinct to climb. Shelves for cats on the wall give your cats an enjoyable environment to keep them active and happy. Easy to clean, machine washable, and hand washable, no deformation after washing. A winner, and my favorite cat shelf, the Yiotl, is a bargain. The cat hammock is a must-have for any small pet cage. See more on Amazon…

2. FUKUMARU Cat Climbing Shelf Wall Mounted Four Step Cat Stairway with Jute Scratching for Cats Perch Platform Supplies

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Great for climbing, sleeping, and exercising. Made of 100% Wood. Easy to install and lasts for years to come. Save your room space, the best cat furniture for you to choose from. The stylish cat wall perch, with neutral tones, blends seamlessly into almost any type of home furnishing. No other cat shelves offer this much cat for this little cash. See more on Amazon…

3. BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Rustic Wood Wall Shelves Set of 3 for Bedroom Bathroom Living Room Kitchen

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The unique triangular design offers two unique display forms. Easy to install with all necessary hardware included; you need to follow the simple instructions and assemble minutes. These floating shelves are wider and sturdier than others to safely hold collectibles, photos, books, toys, artwork, trophies, small plants, and more. Surprisingly, our beautiful wall shelves can also be used as cat shelves to allow your cat to have its own space to rest and play. The BAYKA is a tried-and-true unit that is recommended. The sturdy structure, easy installation, and elegant design make this a great addition to your home.See more on Amazon…

4. bqw Cat Perching Shelves Wall Mounted Curved Kitten Bed Cat Perch Climber Cat Furniture with 2 Stepping Boards

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Minimalistic and elegant, our shelf maximizes floor space, allowing for a more open house. Our removal and washable blanket also make for a quick and easy clean, meaning fewer cat hairs around the house and more free time. The cat shelf measurement is 20126.5, and the step is 128.5; Why not? Cats love these shelves. They add a whole new dynamic to your home without taking up any room. The Cat perch is designed for your cat’s comfort and keeps your home looking stylish and modern. See more on Amazon…

5. Klvied Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 4 Rustic Wood Wall Shelves Storage Shelves for Bedroom Living Room Bathroom Kitchen Office and More Carbonized Black

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Paulownia wood and powder-coated metal brackets, rustic wood shelves not only for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, farmhouse to adding additional shelving space to store and organize items.Carbonized Black, large: 16.5 x 6.1 x 5.2 inches, medium: 15x 6. 1x 5. 2 inches, small: 13.5 X 6.2. inches, minimum: 12 x 6 6.1 X 5.3 inches, Max Weight Capacity: 40lb, all necessary hardware included, you follow the simple instructions, and you can assemble in minutes. See more on Amazon…

6. LANARP Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Rustic Set of 2 for Bedroom Living Room Large Storage Rack for Room/Kitchen/Office (Walnut 2 Tier)

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Floating Shelves Decorative Wall Mounted Storage Shelves, make full use of the blank space above the table. The floating shelves hanging on the wall are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, balconies. Rustic shelves can also be used as a cat stand, allowing cute cats to have their own space for rest and entertainment. These rustic shelves are 100% solid pine to reveal the wood’s natural knots and stained to give a perfect look. It’s a cat shelf that looks as fantastic up close as it does from far away. See more on Amazon…

7. MOCOHANA Wooden Wall-Mounted Cat Bridge with 2 Fixed Brackets Cat Perch Mod Cat Lounge Hammock Cat Condo Kitty Activity Furniture Cat Climber Tree Tower Cat Cloud Shelf Board

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Save your room space to install on the wall—no worry about messing up your room anymore. High-quality, detailed design easily attached to the wall by screws. The shelves’ height can be determined by yourself, multi-level to fill your cat’s instinct to climb. The bridge pillars and fixing frame are assembled with inner hexagon screws installed on the wall with 8 mm American fixing nails. The shelf board can make sure your cat has enough space to move, jump or walk. See more on Amazon…

8. Round Wood Wall Mount Floating Shelf Corner Floating Shelves for Wall Ideal for Bedroom Kitchen Bathroom Laundry Living Room Rustic Home Décor Storage Set of 4 by Kudos Homeware

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A floating corner shelf is ideal for small plants, trophies, plaques, photos, ornaments, trinkets, collectibles. Perfect in the living room, bedroom, or hallway as a small shelf. Modern elegant decor transforms any living space. Easy installation – The floating wall shelf comes with all hardware, including easy-to-follow instructions. See more on Amazon…

9. Wall Mounted Cat Hammock with Two Steps – Modern Beds and Perches for Cats – Premium Kitty Furniture for Sleeping Playing Climbing and Lounging – Cat Wall Shelves

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The 7 Ruby Road cat hammock for indoor cats can support bigger cats or two smaller kitties. Offering plenty of room for cats of all sizes, this hammock bed for cats will be your feline’s favorite place to rest, sleep, or stretch out. Two scratching posts leading up to this unique cat perch are covered in jute rope, making them ideal for cats to use as a cat wall scratcher. This unique design encourages cats to scratch the steps of the kitty hammock instead of the furniture. The hammock should be hung to brick or stud walls; hanging to drywall is at the customer’s own risk. A video is also available for step-by-step assembly & installation guidance. It’s a cat shelf that looks as fantastic up close as it does from far away. This modern cat furniture will look like something out of a magazine. See more on Amazon…

10. Art of Paws Cat Shelf | Cat Perch Cat Bed with Curved Cat Hammock Design | Elegant Wood Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture | A Gift Your cat Will Love

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Art of Paws cat furniture products is made to last. Fully assembled and mounts in less than 5 minutes. All tools and easy-to-read instructions are included. Your kitty will be exploring their newfound vertical cat stairs territory in minutes! See more on Amazon…

Shelves For Your Cat’s Cat Type

Cat Shelves make a welcome addition to both homes with cat trees and homes without them. In homes with cat trees, wall shelves help create an above-the-floor cat highway. Your cats can travel around the room on them and engage in various activities that prevent boredom from arising and increase their exercise and playtime. In addition, cats can leap from floor to ceiling and wall to wall in homes with trees and cat shelves. Having both types of cat furniture in multiple cat households can also help your pets establish their territories in a room. For example, one cat may prefer and dominate the cat tree while another dominates the wall shelves.

Cat trees often feature hiding spaces in the form of holes, while cat shelves keep cats out in the open without anywhere to hide. Low hanging shelves will provide exercise, climbing, and a tree with holes for hiding in will meet the needs of cave-dwelling cats who like to hide. Arranging your shelves at mid-height along with a tree of medium height will please bush-dwelling cats, while high shelves and soaring cat towers will please tree-dwelling kitties.

If space is limited and you prefer to hang these shelves without adding a cat tree to your home, bush and tree-dwelling cats will be happy as long as you hang your shelves to meet your cats’ height requirements. For example, the higher you hang your shelves, the more comfortable your tree-dwellers will be, while your bush dwellers will prefer lower and mid-range heights. Cave-dwelling cats might enjoy low to mid-height shelves as long as you have a piece of furniture or another hiding place nearby for them to dart behind or crawl under between explorations of their shelves.


Cally on her cat shelfCat wall shelves come with the hardware needed to mount them on your walls and require a few additional tools like a hammer and Phillips head screwdriver. You might wish to use heavy-duty anchors to install the shelves; however, you have a large cat for them to support. Installation is quick and easy. These shelves can be mounted in various ways to blend into your décor.

All cats need exercise and a place to call their own. These shelves provide your felines with attractive climbing space and help keep them physically fit as well as mentally stimulated. In addition, you can place cat toys or treats on the shelves to attract your kitties to them and can mount them by your windows to allow your cats to glimpse the outside world from the safety of their indoor perches.