Toys Cats Like Best

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Cats In BoxEvery cat, large or small, young or old, loves cat toys. There are specific toys that all cats have to play with, no matter the cat. Now, we know you are thinking, what expensive, complicated cat toy are you referring to now?

We aren’t referring to any cat toy that will break the bank, and your cat will stare at it or run from it. Instead, we are talking about the best cat toys for every cat that will actually get used.

Some of the toys we will mention here don’t cost you a penny because you may already have them lying around your house.

Cardboard Boxes

Cat in BoxThe first toy that we’ll talk about is the cardboard box. Okay, we know what you were thinking – How could a cardboard box be the best cat toy?

Well, to give you an example, take the cat toy you think is the best and put it near your cat. Then get a cardboard box big enough for your cat to fit in and put it beside the toy and your cat.

Watch as your cat’s favorite toy becomes a cardboard box over all the others. Cats love to hide and play inboxes. This much is true, and the cheapest, most reliable cat toy is a cardboard box.

Even older cats, the ones you think may have lost their youth and playfulness, will get involved with the cardboard box. They may not be as hyperactive as a younger cats, but the fact remains they can still get enjoyment out of this simple toy.

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Fur Mice

Fur MiceNext on our list of the best cat toys are fur mice. Yes, this is another toy you might not think your cat will love, but when they are left lying around (especially on non-carpeted floors), your cat will go crazy over these simple mice.

Fur mice are typically made out of cardboard and then coated with fabric to mimic fur. Also, they generally have a piece of string attached to the back end of the mouse to resemble a tail.

You’ll find a huge variety of these mice, but more often than not, the simpler the mice, the more your cat will enjoy them. Unfortunately, we have no reason to give you why this is the case, but we have also found that the small, simple mice are the ones they like best.

Color doesn’t matter as much, but cats do love the chase of a good fur mouse.

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Standard String or Thin Rope

Sisal RopeAnother toy that cats cannot get enough of is a string. String to a cat is one of those things that, while they may not always need it, they cannot resist playing with it when it’s around.

A warning about a certain string for your cat – Elastic string: while it’s enjoyable for the cat, it can be dangerous. Elastic string tends to break easily, and then your cat can eat it, causing it to wrap around your cat’s intestines and cause them internal damage and pain.

We highly recommend not using elastic string to play with your cat, and if you do, make sure you are always watching them with it and put it away when you’re done.

Pretty much any other type of string (especially sisal rope) is safe for your cat as long as it’s not stretchy elastic. By attaching the string to something such as your cat’s favorite tree or most used scratching post, you can reduce the chance of harm coming from the string while letting your cat enjoy it.

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The Cat Duster

Cat DusterOne of the toys that had to make this list is the Cat Duster. If you don’t have one already, you need to get one right away. This is one of the best cat toys that humans and cats will get enjoyment from.

The cat duster is modeled after a feather duster that people use to clean their houses. While this one has a much longer wand, and the feathers and strings are small, it’s one of those toys cats go crazy for. The way it’s used is by shaking, waving, or dragging it around, so it creates a moving target for your cat to chase down.

The best part about the cat duster is that they are cheap and can be easily replaced when your cats tear them up, and the toy will get beat up because it will be used often. So get one today, and you and your cat will not be disappointed!

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The Crazy Circle

Crazy CircleYet another toy cats absolutely love the crazy circle. The crazy circle is a plastic circle with holes typically around the outside and on top for your cat to reach in and bat the ping-pong-sized ball around the circle. There is also a gap around the center of the outside of the circle to allow access.

Cats tend to play with the toy for hours, just batting the ball around the circle. One of the best things about the crazy circle is that more than one cat can play with it at a time. Two cats can lay or sit on each side of it and bat the ball back and forth to each other in perfect unison.

We have even seen three or four cats at once, all vying for the ball inside of the crazy circle. Cats truly enjoy this toy, and it can even bring together two or more cats that don’t usually get along!

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 Da Bird

Da BirdFeeling like your cat is not getting enough exercise? Da Bird will get your cat the exercise they need while keeping them entertained for hours. It has even been known to give cats everywhere wings.

Some cats tend to fly around the room after Da Bird. This toy is very similar to the cat duster, and a few of the main differences are the actual feather duster is attached to a string that is used very similarly to the cat duster.

The pole is also flexible so that you can wave it around and have your cat in hot pursuit. Da Bird has been known to give cats great exercise, and it will also give them the stimulation they need and desire. Da Bird has also been known to give you some very entertaining cat pictures if caught at the right moment!

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Give your cat something they need and enjoy stimulating cat toys. Getting your cat the best cat toys will excite and stimulate them not to get bored. Cat toys are also great for your cat because they give them the exercise they need, keeping them from developing health problems during their lives.

Another great part about getting your cat something they can focus on and enjoy is that they will be using up some of the energy they build up throughout the day so they will not be tearing apart your personal belongings. Every cat deserves to have toys that will keep them entertained and satisfied.