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Today, you can never have enough useful information about cats! To us, our cats are just as much a part of our families as our children (most of us even consider them our children)! During our journey as cat owners, we have come across some fantastic places and tightly knit communities of cat owners and people who love cats. These places are packed with great information and resources about our feline family members and have been there when we needed them most! Please feel free to check out some of our favorites listed here.

The Conscious Cat

The Conscious Cat is a website devoted to the health, safety, and happiness of not only our cats but us too. The information here is well researched, accurate, and provides excellent value to any cat owner in need of help. Ingrid King is the owner of and was a veterinarian hospital manager, so you know her information is accurate and reliable. She’s a Reiki Master Practitioner and incorporates Reiki into her life and experience with cats. She will lend a helping hand wherever she can, and we’ve experienced this ourselves. Stop by and experience The Conscious Cat for yourself!

Jackson Galaxy (Cat Daddy)

Jackson Galaxy is a man of many talents. By day he is a cat behaviorist, and by night he’s a musician. He stars in the show My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet and knows about cats and what’s best for them. While he is very popular, he doesn’t let this get in the way of cats and their needs. On his website and show you can find helpful and useful tips to guide you and your cats to a healthy, happy life.


During our cats’ research and what they enjoy, we stumbled upon Modern Cat, which led us to Hauspanther is an excellent place for cat owners who want cat products that not only look good in their home but those that their cats will love as well. Kate Benjamin knows design, and when it comes to modern cat products that are great looking in your home and great for your cats, Hauspanther is the place to find them.

Way Of Cats

Way of Cats is another place we stumbled upon during our research of cats. They are all about understanding cats and what makes them tick. If you don’t yet have a cat, they also have a great guide on cat types that will suit your personality and home as well. You can find helpful information, including a podcast and a blog about cat behavior and why cats do the things they do. Many useful posts will give you great insight into the cat’s actions and nature.

Covered In Cat Hair

Covered In Cat Hair is a Non-profit Cat Rescue. Robin runs this cat rescue to stop cats from getting killed worldwide in the many facilities they end up in. To control the cat population, these facilities have resorted to the unfortunate euthanization of tens of thousands of adoptable cats. While her passion keeps these cats alive and finds them homes of grateful owners, there’s also a ton of great information available to us and for this, Covered In Cat Hair is one of our favorites.

The Spruce Pets

The Spruce Pets is the place to find information on pretty much any topic you can think of. Well, this is precisely the same with, only it’s related to any information about cats you might need. Franny Syufy is the current Cat Expert for, and she has written and writes about cats and cat-related items. If there’s any information you might need about your cat, chances are Franny has written about it, and the best part is that it’s excellent information.

Cat Man Do (Cat Expert)

Dr. Arnold Plotnick owns Manhattan Cat Specialists, which is a cats-only veterinary facility specializing in everything feline. Fortunately for those of us not located in Manhattan, he runs a great blog at This blog not only gives you veterinarian quality advice and information, but it also talks about his many encounters with cats, even those not here in the USA. Overall the information here is second to none and should be checked out!