Top 10 Cat Trees For Large Cats

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Today, most trees for cats are designed for the comfort and relaxation of our feline companions. But what happens when our cats grow too large for their favorite resting place? The answer lies in making the correct choice before you buy a tree your cat may grow out of later.

So doesn’t it make sense to get a tree that’s bigger from the start so your cat can enjoy it while they’re a kitten and when they’re full grown? Of course, it does, and that’s exactly why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 cat trees for large cats so you can have options from the start. The trees featured here are made to fit cats of any size, from kittens to full-grown cats, and to give each of them a place they can play and relax that they won’t grow out of.

Full Reviews Of Each Tree Have Been Included Below!

Item Suggested Cat Type Max Height Max Width Max Length Price
Premium Carpeted Cat Tree Tree Dwelling Cat 71″ 27″ 20″ $$$
Cat Condo For Large Cats Cave Dwelling Cat 34″ 20″ 20″ $$$
Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Every Cat Type 69″ 20″ 20″ $$$$
Cat Scratch Lounge Bush Dwelling Cat 33″ 20″ 20″ $$
Triple Perch Bush Dwelling Cat 33″ 20″ 20″ $$
Cat Condo Pagoda Tree Dwelling Cat 46″ 20″ 20″ $$
Double Perch Cave Dwelling Cat 34″ 20″ 20″ $$
Molly and Friends Bush Dwelling Cat 37″ 19″ 21″ $$
Armarkat A7202 Every Cat Type 72″ 22″ 53″ $$$
Armarkat A7401 Every Cat Type 74″ 50″ 26″ $$$

Premium Carpeted Cat Tree for Large Cats

The BEWISHOME Multi-Level Cat Tree is one of our top choices for large cats. While it is expensive, you can rest assured that the quality is worth every penny. This tree comes with real plush carpeting similar to the stuff you find on the floor of a home or apartment and in multiple colors found on the right.

Cats love plush carpeting for scratching and sleeping and this thing is completely covered in it. You’ll also find multiple sisal scratching posts included just in case your cat gets tired of scratching the carpeting, which is unlikely. The Premium Tree is tall too, so your cat can choose for themselves to lounge on the lower levels or climb their way to the top to get a bird’s eye view of their surroundings. Tree Dwellers and Bush Dwellers will love this tree.

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Cat Corner Condo For Large Cats

The BEWISHOME Cat corner condo is a smaller tree that’s designed to comfortably fit larger and smaller cats. You’ll find that cave-dwelling cats and bush-dwelling cats will get the most enjoyment out of it because of its medium height and the cat condo that’s set at ground level. That way your cats can get some privacy in the condo and on top of it or they can lounge out in the open on the perch.

This cat condo also comes fully covered in real plush carpeting for your cat to relax on and enjoy. Different color choices for the condo can be found on the left. Not only will your cat be able to sink their claws into the carpeting but they can also use the partially covered sisal scratching post located at the rear of the tree to keep their claws in good condition. Your cat will have their very own place to scratch and claw so they won’t be clawing into your furniture.

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Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower is one of the more modern pieces of furniture for cats you’ll find out there today. We have written an in-depth review of the Lotus here if you’re interested in finding out more information about it. Overall it’s a great tower especially for the larger cats in your life. Refined Feline has designed the cat tower to accompany cats of all sizes and it’s made to fit in most homes.

The Lotus also provides the features that all of the cat types look for in their new hangout. For the tree dweller, it has multiple landings that are different heights including the big perch at the very top. That way, your cat can see everything in the area and possibly even out a nearby window. Bush dwellers also enjoy the various heights and perches that they can easily leap off of. Last but not least, the Cave dweller has a large condo at ground level to enjoy and lounge in.

You might be wondering how this cat tower will help if your cat likes to scratch things. Well, there is a large sisal scratching pad on the lower half that your cat can dig into and stretch on.

The overall dimensions of the Lotus Cat Tower are 20 inches long by 20 inches wide and 69 inches in height. If you are looking for more detailed information about the dimensions of the condo and shelves you can find it in our detailed review referenced above.

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Bush Dwellers Large Carpeted Cat Tree

Bush Dwellers Large Carpeted Cat TreeThis unique looking tree is the bush dwellers carpeted cat tree and it’s designed specifically for large cats. We know it doesn’t look large but like the Cat Corner Condo, the top landing is 15 inches long by 15 inches wide and has a 1-2 inch lip running around the edge.

Carpet ColorsThe two perches below the top are 12 inches wide and 15 inches long giving a longer and larger cat more than enough space to stretch out and relax. Overall, the bush dwellers tree measures 33 inches high and 20 inches long and wide. It’s the perfect height for a large bush dwelling cat to get every element they need. A cave dweller may also enjoy the coverage provided by this tree.

Not only does it come in multiple colors but it’s another tree that is almost completely covered in real plush carpeting. The only part of this tree that’s not covered by carpeting is the full-size Sisal scratching post that will give your cat a different type of material to scratch on. Sisal scratching posts are used because Sisal gives cat’s claws a strong material to dig into while allowing some give for them to strengthen and shed their claws on.

Since this tree is small in overall size it can fit in any home or apartment and will still give your large cat a place of their own to spend their time and hang out on comfortably. It will also keep them from scratching and sleeping on your furniture so much.

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Carpeted 3 Tier Cat Perch

Carpeted 3 Tier Cat PerchThe Carpeted 3 Tier Cat Perch is another tree for cats that’s specifically designed for larger cats to hang out on. Each level is a different size so depending on how your cat is feeling they can choose a tier to hang out, catnap, or sleep on. Your cat will have options that they can choose instead of only one.

Carpet ColorsThis perch is made with real plush carpet for your cat to scratch and sleep on. The difference between plush carpeting and other types of fabric on trees for cats is plush carpeting has padding that will keep your cat comfortable where other fabrics tend to be skimpier. Again, this carpeting comes in different colors and you can find your choices on the right.

Overall the dimensions of the 3 tier cat perch are 20 inches long by 20 inches wide and 33 inches high. Tier 1 (the lowest tier) measures 20 inches long by 14 inches wide and is great for long cat naps. Tier 2 (the second tier from the ground) measures 15 inches long by 14 inches wide and is good for those shorter relaxing naps. Tier 3 (the Top tier) measures 19 inches long by 11 inches wide and can be used for napping or just hanging out and enjoying the view.

There are also two sisal rope scratching areas on the two side supports that your cat can enjoy clawing into. Bush dwelling cats will gravitate to the 3 tier cat perch and because it’s smaller in height it’s great for any cat type when there’s not enough room for something larger.

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Carpeted Large Cat Pagoda House

Carpeted Large Cat Pagoda HouseWhen it comes to unique cat houses we love the Large Cat Pagoda House. It has the ocean view, updated appliances, vaulted ceilings… Wait, veered off on my dream house. Sorry about that. Although, we will say the Cat Pagoda House does have small vaulted ceilings and every feature and benefit the growing cat needs.

Carpet ColorsOne of the first two things that got our attention was the exposed wooden scratching post. There is nothing more natural for a cat to scratch than wood. After all, they are ancestors of big cats who live completely outdoors and scratch trees. So the wooden scratching post is a great feature for a tree to have and one that you won’t see very often on most trees.

Keeping with the scratching theme there is also a replaceable corrugated cardboard scratching pad and carpet scratching posts to keep your cat’s nails healthy and strong.

The second of the two features that got our attention was the large cat house perched on top of the tower. It’s built for large cats to use and fit in and can also be used to climb on top of for exercise and play. As we mentioned there is also a corrugated cardboard scratching ramp that leads to the two inner landings for your cat to enjoy.

The dimensions overall of this Cat Pagoda House are 20 inches long by 20 inches wide and 46 inches high. The cat pagoda’s interior measures 14 inches long by 12 inches wide and 12 inches high to accompany larger cats. Each of the two landings measures 17 inches long by 9 inches wide. Large Bush and Tree Dwellers will be more than satisfied with this treehouse.

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Cat Condo With Two Perches

Cat Condo With Two PerchesThe cat condo (pictured to the left) is another great condo for large cats. This condo has two large perches that will give your cat multiple places to get some R&R. It also comes with your choice of colored plush carpet (pictured to the right).

Carpet ColorsYes, this one is made with real plush carpeting as well. We wanted to include as many real carpeted cat condos here as possible because it’s another hard to find feature on a cat condo nowadays. Many trees are now made with faux fur and faux fleece and while cats love it, it may not be the longest lasting material available.

Along with plush carpet scratching posts, you can also see a sisal scratching post that comes with the cat condo. Sisal and carpet scratching posts are great for cats to strengthen their claws on and to stretch out with. It also helps keep your cat’s nails healthy and in good shape which makes them less likely to become infected or irritated.

The overall dimensions of the Cat Condo are 35 inches wide by 29 inches long and 33 inches high. Each of the two perches are 15 inches in diameter creating two larges places for your cat to sleep. The cat condo itself also measures 15 inches in diameter on the inside, so while it’s not huge it’s still considered one of our cat trees for large cats and is roomy enough for a bigger cat to fit comfortably inside. Bush dwellers and Cave dwellers are more likely to enjoy this tree than a tree dweller would.

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Cat Tree With A Condo Base

Cat Tree With A Condo BaseIf you check out some of our cat tree reviews you will see that many of them are targeting cats of all sizes, not just larger cats, and more trees that tree-dwellers would enjoy. While there are a few reviews on cave dwellerCarpet Colors trees we wanted to include an even amount here to show you that cat trees for cave dwellers do exist and there is a handful of them.

The tree with a condo base is one of those trees that are geared towards the cave dweller. It still has features that give a tree dweller a place to go like the tower but the large condo base is the feature that makes it for a cave dweller. This tree is also covered with real plush carpeting and can be found in different colors as well (color choices pictured on the left).

It’s got one main post that has a mixture of plush carpeting and sisal rope so your cat can enjoy a variety of places to scratch. The roof of the cat condo also provides a lot of space for your cat to dig into and stretch out their claws and bodies. You can even see the carpeted cat toy dangling from the middle landing for your cat to play with.

The Dimensions of this tree overall are 16 inches wide by 22 inches long and 54 inches high. Inside the cat condo, it measures 15 inches long by 15 inches wide and is spacious for the large cats in your life. Each perch measures 14 inches long by 14 inches wide, keeping in mind that the middle perch has the support pole taking up space.

All three cats types will be able to get the elements they need out of this tree but the cave dweller will be the most likely to use the cat condo. While it’s not very big overall it will fit and look great in any home and each cat type will enjoy it.

Armarkat A7202

Armarkat A7202One of the more common tree shapes you’ll find is those similar to the Armarkat A7202. This is the design most people think of when they think of a cat tree and they are designed this way because they meet most of a cat’s needs. Armarkat designed the A7202 in particular to meet the needs of large cats and the needs of bush and tree-dwelling cats.

Unlike most of the trees we’ve already talked about, this one is made with pressed wood instead of solid wood and is covered in faux fur. Now before you pass on this guy, don’t be quick to judge. Armarkat makes their cats trees to last and they are very high quality.

The pressed wood is the good kind, not that cheap stuff that falls apart. Their faux fur is also something of a higher quality and isn’t the stuff that falls apart the first time your cat digs their claws into it. Cat’ love the faux fur just like they love carpeting and will use it just as much. The hundreds of positive reviews on speak to this fact and you won’t be let down.

While we can’t get too in-depth at this very moment because we have a review on this tree in the works, we can tell you that it has 5, count them, 5 landings not including the landing that the huge cat condo sits on. You can also see the cat hammock that we didn’t include as a landing, 11 sisal scratching posts, 2 cat toys, 1 hanging sisal rope toy, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Still not sure this is the tree for your large cat? Let the dimensions set that worry aside. Overall the Armarkat A7202 measures 53 inches long by 22 inches wide and 72 inches high. The cat condo alone measures 19 inches long by 14 inches wide and 12 inches high. The two cat tower perches measure 14 inches long by 14 inches wide with a 1-inch border that has an opening for easy access. Every cat type except the cave dweller will be more than happy with the A7202 and even they may find solace in the huge cat condo. Best of all, for its size, it’s about the same price or less than every tree listed above.

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Armarkat A7401

Armarkat A7401Another well-known tree is the Armarkat A7401. It’s well-known because like other Armarkat trees it’s a very sturdy, high-quality tree that’s built to last. Typically this tree is great for homes with multiple large cats but it’s been found in homes with only one when the owner wants their cat to have a lot of choices and places to rest, play, and exercise.

Again this tree is made with pressed particle board and faux fur. It’s Armarkat’s board and fur though so it’s very high quality and will last so your cats can enjoy it for years to come. If you’re still unsure about the quality of the A7401 it too has hundreds of great reviews verifying the quality.

Armarkat included 3 large cat towers that can hold large cats with ease. They each measure 14 inches long by 14 inches wide with the same 1-inch lip and opening for access. With two large cat condos, your cat will not have a problem finding a place to rest on this model. The first cat condo measures 20 inches long by 14 inches wide and 12 inches high. The upper cat condo (smaller 2nd level) measures 14 inches long by 14 inches wide and 12 inches high. Both condos are designed for large cats and multiple smaller cats.

The A7401 is not short on scratching posts either. It comes with 10 sisal rope scratching posts scattered throughout its structure for your cats to claw and climb. Cats also like to scratch on the faux fur just like they would regular carpeting. So your cat’s claws will be strong and in good health at all times. Overall this tree is large. It measures 50 inches long by 26 inches wide and it’s 74 inches high so make sure you have room for it.

Armarkat included cat toys and ramps to make sure your cat is always comfortable using the A7401. Every cat type will love this tree as it caters to them all. By far, the best part about this tree is that for its size it’s under $100.

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Concluding Our Top 10 Cat Trees For Large Cats

If you’ve made it this far we salute you! We know it’s a lot to read just to find a tree that will suit your large cat or cats. We also know the love we all have for our cats. It’s that love that drives us to get them only the best products that will keep them as comfortable as possible. There’s nothing worse than buying a tree for your cat only to find that it’s too small or made out of cheap materials. We’ve done our best to give you the highest quality choices when it comes to buying a large tree for your large cats and now it’s up to you to choose the one your cat will enjoy. Hey, we did narrow it down to 10 for you after all!