Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Review

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ay, by our readers’ requests, we are reviewing the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower to bring to light what makes this tower so popular and why cats can’t get enough of it. Refined Feline started in Englewood, NJ in an apartment and they have created some great cat products that have brought them huge success.

Refined Feline’s popularity continues to grow because they create cat trees that have your cat’s needs at the center of what they do. Not only are they all about cat’s needs, but they also keep the cat owner’s needs in mind as well with great looking cat furniture that doesn’t look out of place in your home.

We have included some pictures for you to see below.

Lotus Cat Tower Features, Benefits, and Dimensions

One of the best features of this tower, in particular, is the fact that cats love it. Not only do cats love it, but people seem to gravitate toward the modern look and feel of the Refined Feline Lotus. This type of design is nice because it gives each cat type unique places for them to enjoy and it caters to each cat type’s needs.

Overall the Lotus measures in at 20 inches long by 20 inches wide and 69 inches high. In feet this tree measures almost 6 feet tall, 5.75 feet to be exact and it gives your tree dweller the height they need to enjoy their high view of the surrounding area.

There are multiple stops along the way to the top that will satisfy any bush dwelling cat’s desire to be at bush level heights. The first stop along the way is the top of the cave-like hideaway and it’s about 12-15 inches off of the ground.

The second stop is a landing at about 25-30 inches from the ground and is padded with carpet for your cat to relax upon. Being one of the two center landings on the tower, bush dwellers love this tier’s height and the one above it. Landing number 3 measures about 45-50 inches from the ground and is the last stop before your cat reaches the top.

At the top of the Lotus Cat Tower, your cat will have a nice place to relax and have a great view of their surroundings. This is especially important for your tree dweller as they typically love heights like this to spend their time at and lounge around. The top of the tower as previously mentioned measures 69 inches tall which is 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

For the cave dwellers out there this tower comes equipped with a cat hideaway or as we like to call it, a cat cave. The dimension of the cat cave are unknown and are not listed anywhere that we could find. However, we can estimate it at about 12-15 inches long by 10-12 inches wide and about 12-15 inches high.

Even larger cats can enjoy the cat hideaway on the Lotus because it’s much larger than most of the other cat hideaways on the market today. No matter the size of your cat, if they have even a little cave dweller in them they will love this cat tree because of the hideaway that is positioned perfectly on the ground.

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Some of the great features of the Lotus include the brown Berber carpeting that covers some of the surfaces and allows your cats to be comfortable on this tree. These pieces of carpeting are attached with Velcro and this benefits you because they can be removed and cleaned if they ever get soiled or dirty. If the carpeting ever gets too bad or dirty you can always order replacement pieces and this is usually not possible on many trees made with carpet.

Another nice feature of the fabrics is the fact that they are removable and washable. The fabrics we are referring to here are the two cushions that are made with faux suede that’s designed for your cat’s comfort. These two cushions can be found inside and on top of the cat hideaway and only add even more comfort to an already comfortable resting place.


A common theme among cat towers is their balance. Some towers have great balance and will withstand a huge cat leaping off of the top tower or running full speed and jumping on it and it will stand as sturdy as ever. While other towers will lose their balance and fall at the touch of a cat’s paw.

Refined Feline foresaw these issues and did their best to prevent this from ever happening to their cat tree. To prevent this type of stability issue with the Lotus they have included adjustable floor levelers to give the tower a firm foundation to stand upon. If these levelers still do not give it the support you would like there is also a support beam included to ensure the cat tress stability.

If the features and benefits that are already included aren’t enough to help you decide, don’t worry there’s more. Every cat condo, tower, and tree need some sisal to let your cat unleash their claws upon. The Lotus has a nice large sisal scratching pad attached to it at a height that allows cats to use it, scratch it, and stretch on.

As for its construction, the Lotus cat tower is made with ply and has an oak veneer to make sure it’s strong a stable and will not fall apart after a week of use. This great wood only adds to the already appealing look of the tower and makes it much easier on the eyes.

For the price, you will not find a better-made tower on the market and every aspect of the Lotus is made with a wide variety of cat types, cat sizes, and cat preferences in mind. Don’t let the negative reviews on scare you away. This was a result of a factory defect and has since been corrected as you can see here under the product description.

Refined Feline warranties this product for 6 months. 6 months is more than enough time for you to find any manufacturers defects (which have now been corrected) and even the reviews on state it arrived in the shape the customer was displeased with. That leaves 6 months to get the issue corrected or refunded. Amazon themselves also have a great return policy and are very customer-oriented.

Don’t let the past negative reviews steer you away from a product that is great for your cats and worth every single penny. One last statement to the quality of the Lotus is the fact that we decided to review it and have found nothing but good things. At least mostly good things. They have changed factories and has now become one of the best cat trees on the market.

Overall we give this tower 4 out of 4 positive paws up and rate it as Excellent for any cat keeping safety, quality, and overall variety of cats that will love it in mind.