10 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats

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Large Cats using a Sturdy Cat Tree

Most people would think that cats are the same size. However, domestic cats can be quite large, and some breeds tend to be larger than others. While owners of large cat breeds know they have larger-than-life personalities, we also know they have special requirements.

Finding a cat tree that is not wobbling, fall apart, or tip over is vitally important when you have a large cat jumping on it. If you’re serious about getting the best cat tree for your large cat, this article is for you. Amazon Basics, FEANDREA, Catry, and BEWISHOME make some of the best cat trees money can buy.

Check out some of our reviews of the best cat trees for the money.

Top 10 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats Reviewed

1. FEANDREA 56.3 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree with Hammock Cat Tower for Large Cats UPCT15W

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The sturdy CARB-approved base keeps the entire cat tree sturdy and stable. The included safety straps prevent the cat tree tower from tipping over.
Spacious condo and a large hammock for a luxurious nap. The soft perch with raised edges also allows cats to rest their heads while you keep an eye on the house.
Made of CARB-certified natural particleboard and reinforced with slats on the bottom to ensure overall stability.
Scratching post covered with sisal hemp: The reinforced post (2.7 inches in diameter) is wrapped with natural sisal hemp rope, which can be scratched with claws to promote exercise. This cat tree is the perfect place for your large cat to jump and relax.See more on Amazon…

2. YAHEETECH 61.5in Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower Condo with Scratching Posts Removable Platform & Hammock Cat Activity Center Play Furniture for Larger Cats

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This cat tree for large cats with slopes, shelves, boxes, stairs, etc., can help with various cat activities from scratching, exercising, playing, relaxing, and sleeping! A nicely cushioned top perch, a fluffy condo, a comfy basket, and a soft hammock offer multiple cozy napping and lounging spots for your beloved cats. It comes with a wall anchor strap to attach the cat tree to the wall for extra stability and is strengthened with battens at the bottom to ensure overall stability. It has a sturdy build to withstand heavy weights and multiple bodies, as well as the platforms for lounges or playtime. The cat condo hangs a ball for more excitement, and you can remove it or replace it with your owns toys.See more on Amazon…

3. BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Tower Kitten Furniture Activity Center Pet Kitty Play House with Sisal Scratching Posts Perches Hammock Grey MMJ01B

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This cat tree for large cats is one of the most affordable available. Super solid construction, well-balanced design, strong base, cats can easily and safely leap on or off this cat tree. It comes with a wall anchor strap to attach it to the wall for extra stability when you have multiple cats using it. The BEWISHOME is perfect for pet owners that require a cat tree for large and heavy cats. All the hardware and tools are included.See more on Amazon…

4. rabbitgoo Cat Tree 38″ Cat Tower with Adjustable Base for Indoor Cats Multi-Level Cat Condo with Scratching Posts & Large Perch Small Cat Stand Climbing Furniture with Plush for Kittens Play & Rest

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The rabbitgoo proved to offer the best performance. So if you are looking for new cat trees for large cats, then consider the rabbitgoo. Incorporated scratching posts are securely wrapped with natural sisal ropes, which are made to last to support your cat’s daily scratching practice. The plushy faux fur cover invites your cat to lay down for a nap with just-right comfort and warmth. Connect the cat tree to the wall using provided anti-toppling strap if needed. A DIY-friendly cat tree with detailed graphic installation instructions. A pleasing addition to both your home and your feline’s life! Ready to be appreciated by lots of purrs. The rabbitgoo is available in black and white and comes in a variety of different colors.See more on Amazon…

5. Hey-bro 41.34 inches Cat Tree with Scratching Board 2 Luxury Condos Cat Tower with Padded Plush Perch and Cozy Basket Light gray MPJ004W

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Best Bang for the Buck. The dual condos are covered with ultra-soft plush, and the enclosed design creates a sense of security. Multi-layer structure design, convenient for cat’s scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising. 2 roomy condos and a perch hammock offer a luxurious napping experience. This is probably one of the sturdier cat trees for large cats that you’ll find. Easy to clean with high-quality materials; fits in any room corner. Perfect for big adult cats.  See more on Amazon…

6. SUPERJARE Cat Tree with Extra Scratching Board & Posts Kitten Tower Center with Plush Perch and Dangling Ball Pet Play Condo Furniture

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SuperJARE cat trees for large cats are known for their quality and design. The cat tree consists of 400g skin-friendly plush, carb-certified particleboard, and natural Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts. A cat condo is perfect for large cats. The top perch is wrapped in plush, and the bottom plate is thickened to ensure its stability.See more on Amazon…

7. Nova Microdermabrasion 53 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree Stand House Furniture Kittens Activity Tower with Scratching Posts Kitty Pet Play House (Grey)

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Nova Microdermabrasion entered the cat trees for a large cat market, and ever since then, they have become well known for their quality of design and artistry. Car tree is made of a high-quality particle board with skin-friendly plush covering to keep your cats warm and comfortable. Multi-layer tower meets the climbing nature of bigger cats. Easy to assemble with included tools and instructions. A beautiful appearance will add luster to any room in your home. Not no doubt that Nova MicroDermabbasion cat trees can handle big cats.See more on Amazon…

8. Sweet Barks Elegant Wooden Modern Cat Tree Cat Condo Multi-Level Towers Cat Activity Tower with Scratching Posts with Removable and Washable Mats

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Sweet Barks cat trees are made for large cats. Sturdy construction, a square-shaped base, and strong roped scratching posts ensure the stability of the furniture. Plush cushions on each perch and the roomy cube condo of our cat tree makes a perfect napping lounge your feline will never get enough of. The different levels provide many options for your pets to play and jump around, and the hanging ball toy will entertain them for hours. Constructed using exclusively high-quality materials and durable MDF wood, their cat climbing tower is built to last.See more on Amazon…

9. MSmask Cat Tree for Large Cats XXL69 Inches Cat Tower Condo Full Sisal-Covered Scratching Post 3 Platforms Big Cats Furniture Kitten Activity Center with Hammock Hanging Ball

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All posts are wrapped with natural sisal rope to allow nail scratching and promote exercise. Multi-level design large cat tower with 3 top perches, 2 caves, 1 great hammock. All the hardware and tools are included. Perfect for large kitties/adult/seniors cats. The soft plush covering can withstand scratchy paws and allow your cats to go into a deep sleep while basking in luxury.See more on Amazon…

10. Poils bebe Cat Activity Tree Tower 61-inch Multilevel Play Scratching Post with Platform Playground Condo and House for Small Medium and Large Cats and Kittens

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Poils Bebe is made of highly durable compressed wood, wrapped with deluxe faux fur. 7 scratching posts covered by natural sisal ropes are perfect for your climber’s nails. You will be able to put it together in 20 minutes, no need to keep your big cat waiting. Different levels are connected by ramps, cat houses, and beds, making sure your furry friends can enjoy this paradise simultaneously.See more on Amazon…

Large Cats and Cat Trees

The best cat trees for large cats promote exercise by providing a safe place for your kitty to jump, climb, scratch, pounce, and play while remaining sturdy. A cat tree of modest size is sufficient for one cat and a larger one for two.

Cat trees should be tall enough to climb but short enough not to overwhelm the surroundings. Cats love new things. If a scratching post is built into the cat tree, the cat may not need to scratch the furniture. So make sure your new cat tree provides a scratching post, a bed, and a condo.

To make it fun for your cat, fill it with treats, toys, catnip, etc., to entice your cat into the tree. For example, hide your cat’s favorite treats at different heights on the tree, or hang her favorite toys at heights she can’t reach without climbing the tree.

It should be placed in a spacious room with the widest possible view. If the cat tree stays in one place for a long time, your cat may lose interest in it. So consider moving it from time to time periodically.

The lifespan of a cat tree depends on two things, the quality of the cat tree and the cat’s attributes such as breed, age, and personality.