Petpals Jute Cat Tree Review – 2023

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Today we have decided to review PetPals Jute made cat tree for your more “down to earth” cats if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean, I’m talking about the bush-dwelling cats and the cave-dwelling cats. You can find more information on these cat types on our homepage if you want to know more about them.

Our latest reviews have been focused on the tree-dwellers and cats that prefer something with height to spend their time on. In this review, we want to focus on what you can do for your cave dweller and bush dweller only. We realize that not every home has a tree dweller, and we want you to know that there are trees available for those cave and bush dwellers.


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Dimensions and Cat Types

The PetPals Jute Made Tree is a great option for those small homes and places where large cat trees are just not ideal. So, not only does this tree work for smaller homes or condos, but it also works great for your cats that prefer trees that are lower to the ground and smaller. This is not to say that large homes are not ideal for this tree but said it’s great for both.

The overall dimensions of this tree are 22 inches long by 15 inches wide and 39 inches in height. The middle landing itself measures roughly 20-25 inches high and is a great height for the bush dwellers to hang out on. Even though the tree itself is not huge, it provides your cats with a place that is theirs and caters to their needs.

While PetPals Jute Made Tree is geared towards bush dwellers and cave dwellers, this doesn’t take it completely out of the tree-dwellers realm. For a tree-dwelling cat they will still get enjoyment out of the tree’s tower. It’s just not an ideal height for a tree dweller to get 100% satisfaction out of. We will say this type of tree is better than nothing for your tree dweller!

The Jute made tree above also has a version with 3 landings instead of just two. That version is pictured below and is a great option if you have more space in your home or more than one cat who would like to enjoy an extra landing. It is also a better option if you have a tree dweller in your home that would like the larger version’s extra height.

To sum things up, this tree, in particular, is perfect for bush dwellers because it has the heights and coverage they prefer. As for the cave dwellers, it’s also ideal for them because of the hideaway close to the ground and the height overall of the landings. If space in your home is not a concern for your tree dwellers, there are better trees out there like this one.

Features, Material, and Benefits

One of the first things that brought our attention to this specific tree was that it had a hideaway at ground level. Believe it or not, you cannot find many trees out there at this height with a hideaway at ground level. This is strange because cats love ground-level hideaways, and that’s why they love a cardboard box on the ground.

The second thing that we noticed about this jute made tree was that it’s not huge like most trees seem to be. We were looking for a tree that catered to bush dwellers and cave dwellers, and we found it with Petpals Jute made the tree. Another thing about it, in particular, was that it was smaller overall and can fit nicely in any home, big or small.

While it’s been stated that some cats do not like the jute material because it resembles cardboard, we could not disagree more. Some cats may not like it, but most cats love cardboard and cardboard-like material. That said, jute is a great material to use on the scratching posts for this tree because cats in general love it and will often use it.

For those who aren’t sure what jute is, it’s a material that is very similar to cardboard in color and consistency. Jute is an all-natural fiber that comes directly from a plant. It is second only to cotton as far as value and quality go.

Most of the features and benefits of this tree, in particular, have already been discussed, such as the size being great for any home, the compatible cat types, and the materials. One that has not been discussed is that each landing and cat tower have padding under the covering to allow your cat a comfortable place to rest.

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Overall the PetPals Jute made tree is a great product that is made to hold up and let your cat get the most out of it. If you’re looking for more information about PetPals is can be found here on their website.