How To Calm A Cat

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Calm CatsDoes your cat get upset and stressed out by thunderstorms, traveling, loud noises, grooming, and being introduced to new people? Is there something that makes your cat turn and flee when it is introduced into their comfort zone?

Suppose this sounds like your cat, then you have come to the right place because we know how to calm a cat and make them comfortable. Now, this is not only about calming your cat for the times where they get stressed, but it’s also about easing them into what makes them uncomfortable so they will eventually be calm when the time comes.

The methods we describe here will have your cat calm during stressful times, and eventually, they will be calm on their own during these times!

Below you will find the best products that will help you to keep your cat calm and stress-free during those difficult times. In addition to keeping them calm, they will help you slowly introduce your cat or cats to upsetting them.

Over time your cat will become comfortable in the situations that once made them uncomfortable. This is a place to start a new beginning for you and your loved one both. Now let’s get started!

The Cat Calming Collar

Cat Calming CollarOne of the best answers you will find when calming a cat down is the cat calming collar. This collar is made specifically to calm your cat down using pheromones and scents that soothe the portion of a cat’s brain, known to cause stress and anxiety.

By targeting these areas, your cat will become calm, and they will be more apt to deal with the things causing them to stress instead of running from them. There are no products that completely remove a cat’s stress; instead, these products are made to calm them enough to see that they have nothing to fear from terrifying them.

The calming collar is a great way to help your cat get through these times unharmed and with a much lower stress level.

Collars are effective because they are worn around the neck, close to the nose, which will give them the pheromones and scents they need to be calm. The pheromones and scents used are designed to last up to thirty days to be used over a long time.

With thirty days of calming time, your cat can be introduced to the factors that stress them out so they can deal with them in their own way. Another great thing about the calming collar is that the pheromones and scents used in it are derived from elements cats become familiar with at birth. The pheromones are created to mimic the calming effect a mother cat emits with her kittens.

The scents are typically flowers such as lavender and chamomile, which have been tested and are known for their calming effect on humans and animals alike. Your cat will thank you!

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Calming Cat Treats

Cat Calming TreatAnother great way to calm your cat down is by using calming cat treats. These are no ordinary treats that you give your cat for being good.

Calming cat treats contain certain natural herbs, minerals, and other natural calming agents that reduce the amount of stress your cat gets during certain events. All of the herbs and ingredients contained in these treats are completely safe for your cat, and they will soothe them so they can get through stressful times.

These treats are great for traveling with your cat because typically, it is not something you often do, and a calming cat collar will not go to waste during one trip where you can give them a calming cat treat.

There are many different types of these treats available, and it is always a good idea to verify that the treats you select are all-natural and safe for your loved one to have. You can generally find the flavor of calming treat your cat will like, so they may not hesitate to eat one.

As with the calming cat collar, it is always a good idea to use this cat treat the same way you would with other products that will calm your cat down, and that’s with care and moderation. You want to introduce your cat to the stressful situation slowly with the calming cat’s aid treat this way. You can make your cat comfortable over time without the need for calming aids.

Overall the calming cat treat will give your cat the soothing they need for the times they need it.

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Cat Calming Spray and Diffuser

Cat Calming SprayCat calming sprays and cat diffusers are used on objects or in rooms where your cat may get anxious or stressed. You NEVER want to use these types of products directly on your cat as they may be harmful to them if used this way. This type of cat calming solution is meant to be sprayed on objects or areas of your home where your cat gets the most stress.

Calming sprays and diffusers use pheromones similar to the cat calming collar derived from those similar to a mother cat’s calming effect. When present in the air, they will have a calming effect on your cat that can diffuse and stress or anxiety in the room for your cat.

The cat calming spray and the cat calming diffuser help calm a cat in a home best. These two products are best in the home because they are spread throughout each room, and there is no need for the cat calming collar or calming cat treats.

You can use all three products together if your cat does not seem happy with just one, although caution is urged when doing this because sometimes all three may be too much. As with the other calming methods, it is always best to use them while introducing your cat to that which makes it uncomfortable with the hopes that eventually, you will no longer need any of these products.

With that being said, they are great tools to have in your cat toolbox.

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Calm With Care!

Always use each of these products with care and keep an eye on your cat the first time they are used. If you notice any ill effects your cat may have from them, it is best to stop using that product. Most of these products, however, are completely natural and safe for your cat. They are made with your cat’s safety and comfort in mind and are typically in no way harmful to them.

Keeping your cat comfortable is always a top priority, and these three items allow you to do that. They also give your cat the chance to shed their fears altogether and become comfortable in most situations. After all, this is about keeping your cat comfortable in their home!