Go Pet Club F2040 Cat Tree Review – 2023

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GoPetClub has been making cat trees since 2003, and they are another great cat product provider that has been in the industry for quite some time. They make quality products, and while some reviews online make negative claims about them, they have 10s of 1000s of positive reviews and experiences. Overall, GoPetClub has our cat’s safety and comfort in mind in the products they create for them.

Today we are reviewing the GoPetClub F2040 Cat Tree, and pictures of it can be found below.

The GoPetClub F2040 is great for all cat types because it has low hideaways, high hideaways, and every height landings that any cat would be happy to lounge on.

Dimensions, Materials, and Cat Types

The first thing we would like to mention about the F2040 is that the color listed on GoPetClub’s website is incorrect. The color itself is listed as beige, and the color is more of butterscotch or tan. We wanted to bring attention to this first because when we found out what people disliked most about this tree, it was the item’s incorrect descriptions, NOT the item itself.

The GoPetClub F2040 is a great tree for your cats because it’s large enough for your cats to unleash all of their energy while giving them a variety of places to play, sleep, and even hideout. This tree’s overall dimensions are 50 inches wide (Not the bases’ dimensions) by 26 inches long and 72 inches high. The bases’ width is 28 inches wide. This is no small tree, and the dimensions should be considered before you decide to get it, and you should make sure you have room for it.

While the overall dimensions are quite large, the three uppermost towers are not very large, and this should also be taken into account and compared to the overall size of your cat. The three-tower perches measure out to 13.5 inches wide by 13.5 inches long and 2.5-inch high borders. While the towers are not large, they are tall, and any tree-dwelling cat will love the height.

The hideaways, the lower hideaway is the larger one and measures 20 inches wide by 15 inches long and 11.5 inches high. While it’s the smaller of the two, the upper hideaway measures 15 inches wide by 12 inches long and is 10 inches high. The hideaways are a great height for the bush-dwelling cats in your life and provide the perfect amount of coverage for them.

It’s great that the GoPetClub F2040 comes with two hideaways because it provides a place for your cats to retreat whenever they like. Hideaways make a cat feel like they are secure and have a place of their own to reside. Cave-dwelling cats, in particular, love these types of places to relax and spend some of their time.

The F2040 is made with faux fur and should not be confused with carpeting. Faux fur is made to resemble carpeting and fur and is sometimes used in clothing to give it a furry look. Because this tree is made with faux fur, it’s very comfortable for cats to play and sleep on and gives them furniture-like material to scratch and relax upon instead of your actual furniture.

GoPetClub made each of the 10 posts on the F2040 out of sisal rope which is the material used on many popular cat scratching posts sold today. Cats love to scratch on sisal rope, which is why it’s so effective as the material used on cat scratching posts. Your cat will typically resort to scratching posts instead of choosing a piece of your furniture to dig into.

One of the best places for this tree is in the corner of a room because it can be wobbly when it’s not secured or placed against a wall to hold it in place. You can also add support by purchasing some brackets from Amazon or a local hardware store and secure the tree in the place you want to put it. These brackets can also sturdy up the towers and some of the tree’s weaker parts if they become loose or wobbly.

The last material we would like to bring attention to is the wooden boards that make up the landings of the tree themselves. These boards are particleboard, and while they are sturdy and strong and will last when put together properly, they are not plywood which seemed to be an issue in other reviews. When it comes to cat trees, 95% of them are made from particleboard and never break or wear out.

We wanted to bring special attention to the materials used to make this tree because many people seemed upset with them when in fact, they are great materials when you are made aware of what you are buying. Also, do proper research with your cat, such as finding out what they prefer and measuring them to make sure they will fit in and on their new hangout is the key to any happy experience (for you and your cat)!

Feature and Benefits

The GoPetClub F2040 comes in two different colors, butterscotch (beige) and blue. There is no difference in the dimensions or hideaways except the colors of the faux fur used on the tree itself.

Two ladder-type platforms come with the tree that will assist smaller and larger cats to the tree’s higher levels. These ladders need to be secured properly to the landings they’re made for so they reach the floor and other levels of the tree. Each ladder also comes covered in faux fur and is the color of the tree you decide on.

Along with the two ladders, two cat toys come attached to the upper levels of the F2040. Each cat toy comes with an elastic string attaching them to the platforms and can be easily removed. We mention this because elastic can be harmful to your cats if eaten, and if they come loose, you may want to reattach them with a type of rope instead of elastic string.

Overall the GoPetClub F2040 comes with 6 total levels, including the 3 towers and the base level under the structure itself. Your cat will have many different options when it comes to places to play and hang out on this F2040.