Flea Treatments For Cats

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Calm CatEveryone hates those critters that attempt to cause your cat distress. Even when you own an indoor cat, pests are unfortunately one of those things your cat is not spared from getting. Depending on where you live and the time of year some pests are more common than others.

Generally during the colder times of the year pests reduce in numbers so the chances of your cat getting them are lowered. However, there are also times during the year where it is cold and pest numbers can increase. This is because they look for shelter and warmth and can find it in your home and on your cat.

No matter the time or place these remedies can be used to defend against those types of pests and eliminate them from your home.

Fleas are a very bothersome type of insect because they infest your cat and feed on their blood. They will cause your cat suffering because this can be very itchy for your cat and you will see them consistently scratching the area the fleas are located.

Finding a flea treatment for cats that can be used on your cat’s skin to prevent this from happening does not have to be difficult because they are out there. Some of these treatments will prevent the fleas from ever invading your cat while some will defend your cat while the fleas are on them. If their flea problem is not treated your cat will be bothered by the fleas and if they attempt to clean themselves to get rid of the fleas they may end up eating a few of them.

This can be bad because this is how a tapeworm can infect your cat from their insides. This can be hazardous to your cat because they are located generally in the cat’s intestines and will grow which is not a good thing. You will start to notice these creatures on your cat and you may start seeing rice-like grains around your home. This is how you can tell there is a tapeworm in the midst.

There is nothing to fear in regards to this though because there are easy and effective ways to rid your cat of these pests and ensure they stay away from them to not cause further irritation to your pet.

Frontline Plus for Cats

Frontline PlusFrontline Plus for Cats is a great preventative measure for your cats. This item is what’s called a topical solution and it is applied to a cat’s skin under their fur around the top of their neckline. This product is great because not only does it kill fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and lice but it also prevents them from coming into contact with your cat.

One reason this flea treatment for cats works great is that you do not have to attempt to completely rid these pests from your cat which is more difficult than keeping the pests off, to begin with.

Once the pests are on or in your cat you may have to utilize other products to remove them completely. Don’t worry if this is the case because most of the other pest remedies work well with Frontline for your cat’s protection.

Frontline is generally applied monthly and will guard your cat for that time from those invaders that would normally get right in. With Frontline this is not something they will even consider and is great to maintain your cat’s comfort from pests. This Treatment comes in a 6 month supply so you will no longer have to travel out every month to buy this solution from the store.

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Bayer Advantage II for Cats

Bayer Advantage IIAnother great topical solution is Bayer Advantage II for cats. This solution is comparative to Frontline Plus because it essentially gives you most of the same results while giving you lasting protection.

Some of the benefits of using Advantage II for Cats to other topical solutions are that it will stay active on their fur even after water exposure or thorough bathing. It makes using a topical solution easy and you will not waste it if you have to bath your cat after applying it.

Another benefit that sets it apart from other solutions is the 4 + weeks that your cat will be protected from fleas and insects. This topical solution also comes in a 6 month supply so you won’t have to run out every month to pick up a new application.

While the things that set this solution apart from others are great it’s the things that make it the same that we all look for. Advantage II kills fleas and their larva while preventing infestations from reoccurring.

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Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar For Cats

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar for catsAnother great remedy for flea and tick control and prevention is the Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar. This is a collar that has a breakaway clip for your cat’s safety and allows your cat comfort while giving them the protection they need from fleas and ticks.

Collars are a great method of prevention because they are always on your cat and repel fleas and ticks from crawling on your cat. When the season for these types of pests come around you can use this type of collar to help your cats stand up against the invaders that can cause them harm and to be uncomfortable.

These collars come with a type of repellant that will kill fleas and ticks that carry Lyme disease. The breakaway collar is nice to have for your cat because it will not let your cat get caught and give your cat the comfort and safety they need.

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Adams Plus Flea and Tick Carpet Spray

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Carpet SprayOnce the cats have gotten rid of their pests it’s time to help prevent the area that has been infested from re-infecting your cat. Now it’s time for the Flea and Tick Carpet Spay.

In most homes there is a carpeted area and also most cat trees are covered with carpeting. These are places that fleas and ticks retreat to for cover from the removal of them. This spray is a great flea treatment for cats to go along with the flea and tick collars or the Front Line you have applied to them. This spray is made to be safe for your cat while also killing the fleas and ticks that are in the area.

All that needs to be done is to spray the area and make sure some of the solution gets into the carpet fibers. There is no need to douse the area with the spray because a thorough coating will suffice. Flea and tick carpet spray works wonders in removing the pests from your home and will do its job consistently and thoroughly.

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Choose carefully to get the best flea treatment for your cat.

All in all the treatments described here are some of the best products we have found that work and are the safest for your cat. Some products are made with harmful chemicals and while they do eliminate the pest they also could potentially cause harm to the cat you love.

We recommend these products as well as others listed on our website because they are made and intended to be used with your cat’s best interest in mind. They are not made with harmful pollutants and will do the job they are created for while keeping your cat safe and comfortable.

There are also other products made that are great for treating a pest problem when it comes to your cat being infested with fleas, ticks, and lice. We ask that you take great care in looking over some of the ingredients that you are using when treating your cat.

We would hate to risk anything when it comes to the cats that we love. Some products are out for a sale and do not care what some of the damaging effects may be. This is one of the main reasons we urge you to carefully choose the products you decide upon. These products are tested to be safe for all cats as long as they are used following the directions and recommendations.

Give your cat the treatment that is made for them versus another that may be just out to get your money. Your cat will appreciate the time and care you put into choosing what you put into and onto their bodies.