Cat Tree with Food Dish Review

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While searching the internet, we noticed very few places where you could find a good cat tree with a food or water dish. So, we’ve decided to create a place of our own where you could locate this type of tree for your kitties.

The Kitty Palm Company creates trees for cats that are made to look and feel like a real tree. We like the thought behind this because not only are you getting a great tree that your cat will enjoy, but you’re also getting a nice home decoration that won’t stick out like a sore thumb. These trees look great, your cats will love them, and best of all, they’re simple!

You can see the first version of the Kitty Palm Tree Below. There are larger versions available and a version with a ficus foliage tree top you can view here as well.

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Kitty Palm Tree Dimensions and Cat Types

The Kitty Palm Tree is great because of its simplicity, various heights and styles, and the dish that your pet can use as a food, treat, or water dish while they play or rest. It measures 22 inches long by 22 inches wide, and it’s 66 inches high. Overall it’s not huge but is still great for your tree-dwelling cats and bush-dwelling cats because of its height and design.

The Kitty Palm is designed to mimic a tree or large bush, and this is what your cats will love about it. Tree and bush dwellers will see its resemblance to a real tree and will feel right at home while using it. Bush dwellers will take to it because of its medium height and large bush feel. Tree dwellers will like it because they feel like they are in a small tree, and the height is enough to make them feel like they are off the ground.

As for the tree’s first and only landing, it’s approximately 20-30 inches high and measures 20 inches long and 20 inches wide. This landing features the cutout for the cat food, treat, or water dish to fit into. So not only will your cat be able to play and rest on this landing, but they can also eat or drink from here as well.

We mentioned previously that there were multiple versions of this tree, and you can find a multilevel ficus top tree below.

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One of the main differences between the multilevel and the single-level design is the dimensions and two landings versus one! For example, the multilevel ficus tree with a food dish measures 22 inches long by 22 inches wide (the length and width are the same as the single level version) by 78 inches high. Another difference you will notice is the treetop which is ficus on the multilevel and palm on the single level.

Materials and Features

The Kitty Palm trees are covered with an indoor/outdoor carpet that makes them desirable for cats to scratch and similar to a scratching post. The indoor/outdoor carpet is green and covers each landing on the tree. This carpeting makes the Kitty Palm trees great for indoor and outdoor use as well.

One of the nice features of these cat trees is that each landing is made with the ability to swivel. Swiveling allows each landing to be moved into a position that works best for the room or place where the tree will be used.

The center posts are covered in a natural Manila rope that runs the length of the center post up to the tree-like top. Natural Manila rope is a fibrous material that resembles sisal rope, and cats love both types for scratching equally. Manila rope is named after the capital of the Philippians because they are the largest producer of the Abaca plant where Manila rope comes from.

Moving up from the posts of Manila rope, you will find cat toys built into the top of the post, where it meets the treetop and leaves. These toys are also made of the same material as the center scratching post and are just ropes with braided balls at their ends. Both the posts and the toys are great for cats to scratch and maintain their claw’s health.

The Tree-like leaves are made out of silk polyester and are completely safe for your cat to play with. These leaves give the tree its real look, and cats enjoy them because it makes them feel like they are interacting with a real tree. You tree dwellers, and bush-dwelling cats will love these types of leaves because the places they like to spend their time are places that resemble trees and bushes in your home.

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Overall, these trees are great for your cat because they are made with safe materials that they will love to use. In addition, the trees feature a food or water dish which will help your cat get used to using this type of tree so they can eat food or treats or drink on the tree while they relax or play. They also look great in your home, just like a fake plant or tree would, and your cats will love the feeling of hanging out in a cat tree that looks real.