Cat Tower that Looks Like a Tree Review

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The large cat tower treehouse offers your cats and kittens three different levels of climbing, play, and lounging space. It resembles a real live tree and is perfect for cat owners who want distinctive yet functional kitty furniture. This cat tower is made in the USA and assembles in less than 10 minutes with no tools.

Your pets can start enjoying their branch-like perches the moment you remove them from their shipping box. It’s made by On2Pets, a company that specializes in feline beds, furniture, and accessories. Households with children will enjoy this product’s fun and novel design, as will households with felines who appreciate soft, comfortable, and easy-to-reach perches.



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Materials and Features

This handcrafted tree that looks like a tree features durable and stable plywood construction instead of flimsy particleboard. Besides high-quality materials and workmanship, this tree also offers your furry friends lots of plush carpet in earthy shades of green and brown. The green base and perches resemble leaves, and the pole resembles a tree trunk.

Constructed without glue or other toxic materials, this natural-looking tower offers your feline companions a safe and attractive playground. It provides three cozy and carpet-covered perches for your pets to nap or lounge on, along with a top perch that resembles a nest.

Cats can enjoy clawing and scratching the carpet-covered trunk, jumping to the tree’s multiple levels, and view the rest of the household from the nest on the tree’s top branch. The 60” height of this tree makes it perfect for placement under a window to allow your kitties to enjoy a little sunshine and a view of the outdoors. Its playful design makes it suitable for a patio or porch placement and indoor placement in the family room and any other room in which your cats enjoy recreation and socialization.

Cat Types

Since this tree reaches five feet in height, it will appeal to bush-dwelling cats and their desire to remain close to the ground. Its perches are open rather than enclosed, so it lacks the hiding places that cave dwellers and bush dwellers crave. Nevertheless, its height will satisfy the climbing needs of bush dwellers, and it provides a variety of levels to keep your bush-dwelling kitties mentally and physically stimulated. Tree dwelling cats need higher climbing territory than this tree provides, and the open platforms of this tower will not meet the hiding needs of cave dwellers.

Multiple cat households may find this cat tower too small to offer individual territory to all its feline occupants. Trees with a broader range of perch heights and taller lounging platforms will probably please larger cat families more, and shy kitties may prefer towers with enclosed bungalows and hiding places. This tree, however, would make a great addition to a multi-cat household wanting to add a second or third tree to its existing kitty furnishings.

Single cat households or households with multiple bush dwellers will also find this tower a fun addition to their feline accessories. Aging cats will also enjoy this tree for its soft and carpeted surfaces and the ease of jumping to its mid-height platforms. However, young and more active cats may wish for a tree that provides a greater variety of activities and more mental and physical engagement. Also, large cats may require a cat tree with wider platforms to lounge and sleep with comfort.

To Conclude Our Review

If you want a one-of-a-kind piece of feline furniture, you’ll enjoy this cat tree that looks like a tree. It makes a great conversation starter with guests, and its neutral colors will blend into the décor of most homes. Its small size makes it a good option for apartment and condo dwellers and other cat owners with space limitations. The size of this tower also makes it easy to move to another room if you want to redecorate, and its unique shape and design make it a perfect addition to homes with multiple cat trees. Your cats will enjoy the tower’s lush carpeting and soft resting spaces, and this piece of kitty furniture will bring a little of the outdoors indoors with its resemblance to a live tree.