Best Modern Cat Trees

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ern cat trees offer stylish and creative alternatives to the traditional carpeted tree for cat owners who value aesthetics as well as function. Many cat owners find the traditional carpeted tree unattractive and want higher quality and a more aesthetically pleasing piece of feline furniture. Modern cat furniture provides great options for feline owners wanting to maintain a contemporary home ambiance or add a modern touch to traditional home décor. Contemporary trees feature unique and sophisticated designs and are often made of environmentally friendly materials. Since some modern trees lack scratching areas, you may need to provide a separate scratching post for your kitties.

While modern furnishings tend to cost more than cat trees, they are made of sturdy materials like plywood or wood instead of particleboard. They also look more like works of art or people furniture than pet products with their bold, often asymmetrical designs and real wood construction. These upscale cat furnishings provide exercise and fun for your furry companions while maintaining your home’s beauty and style.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower in Espresso

The Refined Feline Lotus measures 69 inches high by 20 inches wide and 20 inches deep. It comes in a rich espresso hue and is made of plywood and oak veneers. Its features include a sisal rope pad for your feline companions to scratch plus a hideaway cubby hole on the first tier with cozy cushions that feature faux suede covers above and inside the cubby hole. Each of the tower’s three tiers features soft brown Berber carpet for your cat’s comfort. This tree also comes with floor levelers plus an optional support bar to provide more stability. It weighs 76 pounds and features a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. As an easy to clean piece of furniture, it requires only a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and non-toxic cleanser to clean it. It requires some assembly but comes with the necessary tools for putting it together for your kitties to enjoy.

This furniture quality tree looks like a piece of sculpture or furniture instead of a tree for your cat. It has a flowing, Zen-like design that will make an elegant addition to any décor, and the carpet on its carpeted surfaces fasten to the tower with Velcro so they can be replaced with ease when worn.

The top platform of this tier accommodates large cats comfortably, and each of the tiers holds up to fifty pounds. The tower base is weighted, and the curved shelves give so that it won’t tip over even with large cats. These features make this sturdy tower an excellent choice for plus size felines, and this tower offers something for every cat type. Tree dwelling cats will like climbing to the top of this high tower, and cave dwellers will like the covered hiding spot on the first tier. Bush dwellers will like the mid-height perches and the cubby hole.

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The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree

The Sebastian Modern Tree measures 21” long by 18” wide and 65” high. It comes in black or white and features glossy, lead-free and non-toxic paint that won’t harm your feline friends. Made of wood, this tree offers six different levels for your cat to play on and explore. The first level contains a sisal scratching pad to satisfy your pets’ clawing and scratching instincts, and the second level offers a cubby hole where your cats can hide or nap. Both the second and fourth levels feature carpeting for a soft, comfortable perch. The entrance hole for the cubby hole measures eight inches in height and seven and a half inches in width. This tree weighs around 72 pounds and requires assembly with a Phillip’s head screwdriver, but it comes with clear and detailed directions.

Its unique and modern design resembles a bookcase, and you can opt to place books, knickknacks, plants, or other decorative items on its shelves if you want to make it a functional piece of furniture for you as well as your kitties. Because it resembles a bookcase, this cat tree blends into your décor.

This tree will appeal to all three types of cats with its variety of shelf heights. Cave dwellers will appreciate being able to secret themselves away in the second level’s cubby hole, and bush dwelling cats will enjoy the ability to stay closer to the floor and at mid-height. Tree dwellers will probably appreciate this product more than the other types, though, due to their love of climbing. This tree is an excellent choice for multi-cat homes since it provides something for each of the three cat types, and it provides a sturdy piece of furniture for large cats.

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In Conclusion

Modern cat furniture makes a great choice for any home, especially homes with a modern decorative motif. It usually comes in earth tones or neutral hues that blend in with your furniture, and it comes in unique shapes and designs to accentuate your home’s style. While modern cat trees often come with higher price tags than a conventional carpet-covered tree, this type of tree offers sleek, contemporary designs that make tasteful and attractive additions to your home and provide fun and stimulating playgrounds for your cats.