5 Best Cat Collars And Harnesses

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If you’re looking for the best collar for your cat, you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, many cat owners wonder what the best collar for their cat is and how they can find it! However, with almost no information available about them other than the description on the packaging, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one?

We’ve put together all the information you’ll need to find the perfect one for your cat! Below we’ll discuss what makes each collar the best other than looks alone. The collars we feature are those that have proven their ability as the safest, most comfortable, reliable, and best looking for your cat. Today, most cat collars are made with your cat’s safety in mind, but some offer no real value other than looks alone. By following our suggestions, we’ll help keep you out of that trap!

Quick Comparison: Top Collars For Cats




Our Rating

Catit Nylon Adjustable Cat Collar A $ 5
Rogz Catz Breakaway Reflective and Glow-in-the-Dark Collar A+ $$ 5
SENTRY Calming Collar for Cats, 3 Pack B $$ 4.5
Petsafe Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash B+ $ 4.75
Oxgord Pet Control Harness Vest A+ $ 5

Choosing The Right Collar For Your Cat

You’ll find the best quality collars are made of materials such as nylon or strong polyurethane material. They are great because they are safe, strong, and comfortable. Some important things to look for in cat collars are the type, size, and intended use.

Are you looking for one that will allow you to take your cat out for a walk? One to use on your outdoor cat? Or are you looking for something you can secure identification tags if your indoor cat ever gets out?

There are 3 main types of collars that are good choices for cats, while the rest are just variations of these 3 types. The 3 types are Standard Collars, Breakaway Safety Collars, and Cat Harnesses. So let’s dig into what makes each one a good choice for your cat.

The Standard Collar

Standard Cat CollarThis is one of the most popular collars because they are generally nylon or polyurethane with a belt buckle style clip. In addition, they’re the most popular because they’re the simplest collar form and were the first type ever developed.

These collars have a belt buckle clip that will not be unlatched by a cat without opposable thumbs! While they will keep your cat in the collar, this can be a drawback because, unlike the breakaway collar, they won’t release easily if caught up on an object.

As we’ve stated before, the standard collar is typically made of woven nylon and polyurethane type. Nylon is a strong material that is soft to keep your cat comfortable, and it’s flexible, which is why it’s a good collar material. On the other hand, polyurethane is a strong, soft, plastic-like material that makes it another great material to use for collars.

Each material used in this type of collar makes them strong and reliable, even with a leash. In addition, you’ll usually find a metal ring for attaching leashes and tags that will keep your cat identifiable and ready to be walked. You can attach identification tags and leashes to these collars, and rest assured your cat will remain on the other end.

The Breakaway Collar

Breakaway Cat CollarA cat owner’s main goal is to keep their cat as safe and comfortable as possible. With this in mind, cats are not looking out for things their collar might get caught on.

The Breakaway Collar is ideal for this reason because it allows your cat to be secure and identifiable while also keeping them safe from any harm of being caught. This collar is typically polyurethane material, a strong plastic, or nylon with a breakaway clip.

The breakaway clip is a device that secures the collar to your cat but allows it to unlatch if the collar gets caught on something and applies pressure to avoid harm to your cat. Breakaway clips are strong and secure to keep your cats collar on while also giving it the ability to unclasp in certain situations to keep your cat safe from getting caught and trapped by the collar.

These collars are the best because they give you the peace of mind that your cat will be safe if they get caught while also giving them the ability to have identification tags and bells attached to them. Bells and ID tags are a great way to ensure your cat will be located and returned to you if they ever get lost. In addition, most of these collars come in various designs and colors that will have your cat looking great and feeling safe and comfortable.

Cat Harnesses

Another type of restraint for your cat are harnesses. While these are not your typical collars, they offer a way for you to safely walk your cat without the risks a collar may have. Cat harnesses wrap around a cat’s body, legs, and neck in a comfortable way that keeps them secure while you walk them.

There are some different types of harnesses available to you that offer different benefits and features. The two main types are vests and straps.

The vest type wraps your cat in a breathable mesh vest that has openings for your cat’s head, backside, and legs. These vests offer no room for escape while still keeping your cat comfortable and able to move inside them. The material of these types of harnesses can vary but are typically made of breathable mesh-like material for the greatest amount of comfort.

The strap type offers a harness made of straps that wrap around the cat’s body, neck, and legs. These harnesses are also very secure and offer a bit more flexibility to allow your cat to freely move while their harness is on. The material used in these harnesses is typically also nylon and polyurethane, just like the standard collars.

The Calming Collar

Calming Cat CollarA collar that is not meant solely for your cat’s tags or attaching things, such as leashes, is the calming collar. We wanted to take the time to mention this collar in our collection because it is a very beneficial collar that cannot be forgotten.

Cats encounter stress throughout their lives, whether from loud noises such as fireworks or thunder or traveling and meeting new pets. These types of environmental changes can cause your cat to get frightened or nervous, and they may need an extra means of calming themselves down.

This is where the calming collar comes in because it’s created for just this purpose. The calming collar is great to use during stressful situations for your cat. This specific type is treated with certain pheromones that will calm a cat down during these situations, and they work. Some of the pheromones used in this collar are also used in other ways that will help to calm your cat during stressful situations. You can find more of these calming methods here.

The pheromones used on this collar are created using all-natural methods for cats and will not harm your cat. If you find yourself in a stressful situation with your cat, this type of collar is always great to have on hand and can save your cat a great deal of agitation and stress!


After looking through all the different options available to you, something like size may not seem like it would be that big of a deal. However, in this case, size does matter! After you have looked over the type of collar you’re going to buy, you want to make sure it’s going to fit. You also want to make sure it will be comfortable for your cat.

You can find the proper size of the collar you should buy using a tape measure. First, you’ll want to measure your cat’s neck size and compare it to the size of the collar or harness you will buy. It’s best practice to add 1 or 2 inches to the measurement you come up with. This way, you know it will fit your cat, and they will not be strained or uncomfortable in it.

After you’ve measured and have their size, you’re ready to get your cat a collar!

In Conclusion

Cat collars are made for a cat’s safety, and you should choose the best one for your cat based on this alone. After you’re sure this is the safest, most reliable, and most comfortable collar for your cat, it is time to look at colors and designs. Another great thing to look for is collars that have reflective materials on them for added visibility. Some are glow-in-the-dark with reflective materials and a great design to keep your cat visible in low light.

Collars are a great way to keep your cat safe, and they can look good while doing this. You can use them to attach tags and leashes as well for identification purposes. Overall make sure the collar you choose is the safest and most reliable of its kind while also keeping your cat’s comfort in mind.

Reviews Of Some Of The Best Cat Collars




Our Rating

Catit Nylon Adjustable Cat Collar A $
Rogz Catz Breakaway Reflective and Glow-in-the-Dark Collar A+ $$
SENTRY Calming Collar for Cats, 3 Pack B $$
Petsafe Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash B+ $
Oxgord Pet Control Harness Vest A+ $

Catit Adjustable Nylon Cat Collar

Best Cat Collar

This collar by Catit is a great example of the standard type of cat collar. It is made out of Nylon and has multiple adjustments to fit your cat comfortably.

It features a belt-like metal tongue clip that will keep your cat safe and secure. You’ll also find a D-shaped ring, which is used for attaching identification tags and leashes.

This collar comes standard with a bell, so you can easily find out where your cat might be hiding. The bell can be easily removed if it gets annoying or doesn’t suit you or your cat!

These collars have adjustments that range from 8 to 13 inches in length. It is 3/8 of an inch wide!

Rogz Catz Glow-In-The-Dark Reflective Breakaway Collar

We have always been big fans of the Rogz Cats Collar line, and it’s not just because they look nice. These collars are made with polyurethane material and scream safety for our cats.

This particular one is made with a breakaway clip that will release so your cat won’t get caught on objects and be harmed when too much pressure is applied.

It also is glow-in-the-dark and reflective for superior night safety. You will know where your cat is at all times, whether they are indoor or outdoor cats.

This collar comes with a D ring for attaching tags and leashes and a bell easily removed. These collars also have multiple designs to choose from, and they look good!

The collar measures 8-12 inches in length and 3/8 of an inch wide. You can find them in other sizes as well!

The Sentry Calming Cat Collar

Calming Cat Collar

Believe it or not, we have already fully reviewed this collar right here on our How to calm a cat page. We don’t mind giving you the highlights here, though!

The Sentry calming collar is made with pheromones that have been scientifically proven to calm a cat. The collar rests around your cat’s neck, and they breathe in the pheromones, which allow them to be at ease!

Each collar is made to last up to 30 days of releasing pheromones to keep your cat calm. They are also said to change cats’ behavior when it comes to unwanted scratching and meowing.

The collar has a lavender chamomile scent, which is another calming agent among cats. Even people use these fragrances in different forms to give them a calming effect.

This collar is left with a sizable length so that you can adjust and cut the collar to the perfect size for your cat.

PetSafe Premier Pet Come Home With Me Kitty Harness


The PetSafe cat harness is an example of a strap type harness. They are made out of Nylon and come with a harness and a Nylon bungee leash.

This type of harness is also made with breakaway clips and has a D ring to attach identification tags and leashes. ID tags aren’t necessarily needed with this type of harness as your cat won’t be wearing it all the time.

PetSafe offers various colors for the harnesses, including Lilac, Red, Royal Blue, and Electric Green. These colors make them great for male or female cats and even for their owners!

You’ll find they also offer the harness in different sizes. These sizes range from small, medium, and large. You can adjust the straps’ size using the adjustable clips to make sure your cat won’t be able to slip out of the harness easily.

To guarantee their product, they offer a limited lifetime guarantee against any manufacturer’s defects. This type of harness offers a great way to bring your cats out into the world for exercise or a calming walk.

OxGord Pet Safety Harness Vest

Top Cat HarnessLast but not least, we present the OxGord Pet Safety Harness. You can see a good example here of the vest-type harness. While this vest features a picture of a dog on it, they are great to use on cats. You can see them being used on cats in the review section of the product on Amazon.com.

This is the best cat harness we have used with our cats. We have never felt safer walking our cats because this harness fully secures our cats without straps all over the place.

The OxGord harness is made of a lightweight mesh material that lets your cat breathe while wearing it and does not weigh them down. So while it is very secure is not restricting the cat’s body at all.

It comes with a D ring that lets you secure a leash, and its design lowers the amount of pressure put on the cat when the leash is pulled. The padding you see in black surrounding the neck and leg area is made to keep your cat comfortable inside it as well.

There’s no need to worry about the colors it comes in, with 7 different colors giving you almost any color you like. These colors are great because most of them are bright, allowing your cat to be seen easily while outdoors.

You can find the OxGord harness in sizes ranging from small, medium, large, and extra-large. Each size can be further adjusted to fit perfectly with the adjustment straps on the harness’s backside.