Finding The Best Cat Collar

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Cat with CollarYou may be asking yourself, what makes a collar for your cat the best? This question is asked by many cat owners just before choosing the collar they will buy for their cats. However, with virtually no information available regarding them except the description on the packaging, how can one be sure they are choosing the best cat collar?

We have put together a guide for you when choosing a collar for your cat so that you may know what to look for before you purchase one for looks alone.

The collars we feature here are those that have been proven to be the safest, most comfortable, reliable, and best looking for your cat. Most of the cat collars today are made with your cat’s safety in mind. However, some provide no real value other than looks alone.

You will find that the best quality collars are made out of nylon or strong polyurethane material. These collars are great because they are strong and reliable while still being the most comfortable for your cat. We have given you the best of their kind and what to look for when buying one for your kitty.

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The Standard Cat Collar

Standard Cat CollarThe Standard Collar could be one of the best collars because they are typically made of nylon or polyurethane with a belt buckle style clip. If you want to secure a leash to this collar, you do not have to worry about your cat getting out of it and running away because the clip is secure.

With nylon collars, you also do not have to worry about the strength of this material because they are typically woven, which increases the strength of the already strong material. You can also attach identification tags to these collars so that if your cat were to get out, they could be identified and returned to you safely.

One of the only drawbacks of this collar style is that it does not feature a breakaway clip, so if it were to get caught on something, the only way for your cat to get out is to slip out of the collar, which generally means that your cat can get out is not possible. However, overall this collar is great for its strength and reliability and can be depended on to keep your cat secured comfortably.

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The Breakaway Cat Collar

Breakaway Cat CollarA cat owner’s main goal is to keep their cat as safe and comfortable as possible. With this in mind, a cat wearing a collar is not natural for them, so they are not conscious of avoiding things it may get caught on.

The Breakaway Collar is great for this reason because it allows your cat to be secure and identifiable while also keeping them safe from any harm. This type of collar you will find is typically made out of a polyurethane material, which is a strong plastic or nylon with a breakaway clip.

The breakaway clip is a device that secures the collar to your cat but allows it to unlatch if the collar gets caught on something to avoid harm to your cat. Breakaway clips are made to be strong and secure to keep your cats collar on while also giving it the ability to unclip in certain situations to keep your cat safe from getting caught and trapped by the collar.

These collars are the best because they give you the peace of mind that your cat will be safe if they get caught while also giving them the ability to have identification tags and bells attached to them. Bells and Id tags are a great way to ensure your cat can be located and returned to you if they ever get lost. Most of these collars come in various designs and colors that will have your cat looking great and feeling safe and comfortable and allowing them to be returned to you as soon as possible if they are ever lost or get out of the house.

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The Calming Cat Collar

Cat Calming CollarA collar that is not meant solely for your cat’s tags or attaching things, such as leashes, to is the calming collar. We wanted to take the time to mention this collar in our collection because it is a very beneficial collar that cannot be forgotten.

Cats encounter stress throughout their lives, whether from loud noises such as fireworks or thunder or traveling and meeting new pets. These types of environmental changes can cause your cat to get frightened or nervous, and they may need an additional means of calming themselves down.

This is where the calming collar comes in because it’s created for just this purpose. The calming collar is great to use during stressful situations for your cat. This specific type is treated with certain pheromones that will calm a cat down during these situations, and they actually work. Some of the pheromones used in this collar are also used in other ways that will help to calm your cat during stressful situations. You can find more of these calming methods here.

The pheromones used on this collar have been created using all-natural methods for cats, and they will not harm your cat. If you find yourself in a stressful situation with your cat, this type of collar is always great to have on hand and can save your cat a great deal of agitation and stress!

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Choosing The Best

Cat collars, in general, are made for a cat’s safety, and you should choose the best one for your cat based on this alone. After you’re sure this is the safest, most reliable, and most comfortable collar for your cat, then it is time to look at colors and designs. Another great thing to look for is collars that have reflective materials on them for added visibility. Some are glow-in-the-dark with reflective materials and a great design to keep your cat visible in low light.

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Collars are a great way to keep your cat safe, and they can look good while doing this. You can use them to attach tags and leashes as well for identification purposes. Overall make sure the collar you choose is the safest and most reliable of its kind while also keeping your cat’s comfort in mind. Your cat will appreciate the time you put into finding them the best cat collar available because it will benefit them the most!