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Every Cat loves their very own place to sleep. How do we know this? We know because they are currently sleeping on your couch, chairs, bed, and carpets.

If you were to watch your cat, you’d notice that they choose to sleep in the same places around your house. They do this because it’s a place that they enjoy sleep that’s comfortable and relaxing.

Now that you have a general idea of why a cat would love their very own place to relax, let’s talk about cat beds. If you’re wondering how you know which is the best cat bed for your cat, look around at where they are currently sleeping. You’ll find that they are not sleeping in a hard, dark, and cold place most of the time.

Like people, cats look for what makes them comfortable. So if they’re currently sleeping on the carpeting, you’ll want to look for a similar fabric in a cat bed, or even something like the fabric used on a cat tree is the best choice for your cat because generally, they are carpeted.

Now, if your cat is currently sleeping on your bed or your couch, then you have a good idea of what the cat prefers to sleep on. You wouldn’t want to buy your cat a bed that is one thin piece of fabric over a hard surface. They have just made it clear that they prefer to sleep on something soft, cushy, and warm.

As with most things, when it comes to cats, you can learn a great deal about what they prefer by simply watching them.

Watching cats is one of the most overlooked opportunities a cat owner can have. Most people want a cat to pet and love. Then when it comes to what makes their cat comfortable, they forget to watch what they prefer to do and use that information to get the best product for that particular cat.

There are all shapes, sizes, and types of beds. Here is a sample of what you can find for your cat and, hopefully, exactly what your cat needs.

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The Standard Cat Bed

Standard Cat BedThe Standard cat bed is still, by far, one of the best beds out there today. Why is this bed great, you might be thinking? This is because it’s simple. The standard bed gets right to the point for your cat.

When looking it over, a cat will see the type of fabric they are used to lying on and notice that it’s almost the same as where they used to sleep. Only now, instead of getting shooed off of their favorite resting spot, they will be left alone, which actually encourages them to sleep on this bed.

Your cat will now recognize this as a place where they can go and rest without being pushed, prodded, or shoved off of it. In fact, they will be much happier because they are well-rested and now have plenty of energy to utilize doing other things.

These types of cat beds are amazing because they come in virtually every kind of fabric to emulate your cat’s favorite resting place. As a result, you can find the correct bed for your cat and make them happy to sleep there instead of the places they are not welcome.

Some beds will even offer your cat a better place to get that rest they are looking for. For example, a common misconception is that a cat will sleep on a bed or a couch because they like that place, when in fact, it could be possible that there is just not a better place to sleep.

You’ll know when you are getting the right bed for your kitty because, after all, the cat would not sleep there if they did not like what they’re sleeping on.

Getting back to simplicity, the standard bed is a great choice for you as well. So you’re not only purchasing a place for your cat to sleep, but you’re getting relief from the cat hair on your pillow as well. This is great because now that your cat has a place of their own, they can do what they want there without fear of reprisal.

Not only are these beds the best for your cat, but they are also fairly cheap, which means they can be replaced easily. So if your cat does decide that it’d like to terrorize this bed, you can easily buy a new one that your cat will love just as much. So choose one and find out for yourself what you and your cat have truly been missing.

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Other Types of Cat Beds

Window Sill Cat BedGenerally, cats prefer to lounge or sleep in spots they are comfortable in. What if your cat did not usually sleep in any one particular place very long?

Well, then this could mean that the carpet, bed, or couch are not very comfortable places for your cat to rest. This is why there are many other types of beds for cats out there for the cat that doesn’t already have a favorite spot to relax.

Some different beds can range from specifics to just general beds with different shapes, sizes, and fabrics. These beds are great because they offer every cat the perfect resting place.

The Sill Cat bed is designed to rest on a window sill. This is great because not only is it a comfortable place for your cat to sleep, but it allows them to look out of the window from their cat window shelf without destroying your blinds. They can also sleep there peacefully, and they won’t be resting in your way because this bed is raised off the floor.

While they are not sleeping, they can view the creatures outdoors to appease their curiosity without going outside. The cat window shelf is great for those cats that can’t get enough of the outdoors.

Hooded SnuglerThe Hooded Snuggler is another great bed for cats that are not typically satisfied by normal resting places. If your cat loves to run under things and hide, this covered cat bed is the resting place for them.

Cave-dwelling-type cats love this bed because it gives them the comfortable environment they are looking to rest in with that enclosed feeling to go with it. This bed can also be the best choice for cats who prefer some privacy now and then.

If your cat is a cave dweller or a cat that does not always want to be pet and loved while sleeping, this is the best choice for your cat.

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Various Cat Beds

Some other varieties of cat beds can be found below. These beds are not your ordinary beds, but they are very successful with cats because some cats just do not rest in ordinary places.

We’ve included these beds to get the ideas rolling on what is out there to give you the best options. We cannot possibly list each bed here, but this is a good place to start to find your cat the correct bed.

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Not all cats can be put into a category. For example, if your cat does not like the beds we have displayed here, then you may need to look into other types of beds or items for them. This is where things like cat trees and even cat scratching posts are great because they give your cat that out-of-the-ordinary place to rest.

Typically though, there is a cat bed out there for them because there are so many available. It just may take a little time to seek out the best cat bed for them. Some additional cat beds that have not been featured can be found above.

These beds have not been picked out over others because they are better; they have been picked out because they are the best choices for most cats.