A Cat Memorial For Remembrance

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Cat by MemorialWhen you truly love a pet, their passing can be one of the hardest things to go through. However, there are silver linings to this stage of life every living thing must go through.

Whether it’s a cat, a pet, a plant, or a loved one, we all must complete this stage of life and move on to that which awaits, whatever that may be. These times can bring about many different feelings, and most people think about sorrow and loss when thinking about times like these.

A natural part of moving forward is those feelings; however, the memories of joy, happiness, laughter, love, and accomplishment are important.

Life should not be drowned in tears of sorrow and despair but remembered with tears of joy and happiness. After all, it’s us who feel suffering, not the ones we have lost. No matter the place they’re in, it’s a better place.

A celebration of life can be one of the best things for those going through these times. Instead of being stuck in a rut, we can remember that loved one and the times where there were laughter and happiness. If we think of all the joy, light, and hope they have brought into and leave with this world, it’s been found that their memory will live on forever.

However, where we find ourselves at this moment is with our cats that are gone but never forgotten. There can be no better way to show them our love and thanks for their time with us than in a timeless memory of their life.

The Sympathy Cat Angel Memorial

The Sympathy Cat Angel MemorialThe Sympathy Cat Angel Memorial is one of the many beautiful cat memorials available today. This particular one is symbolized by a beautifully sculpted cat that adorns the angel’s wings. It’s shown resting ever so peacefully atop a dwelling place.

This sculpture is made out of quality resin, giving it durability and style in the great outdoors and in some of the toughest weather. However, the memorial is not only for the outdoors and is made with such beauty that it can be placed indoors for that loving reminder of your special cat.

While it can be used indoors or outdoors, this statue goes great next to garden greenery and plentiful life. Being light in weight, roughly one pound, it can be moved and placed with ease in the spot you prefer for your reminder of that incredible cat.

Give yourself and your beloved cat the gift that will keep giving with the Sympathy Cat Angel Memorial.

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The Devotion Pet Garden Stone

Devotion Pet Garden StoneAnother incredible cat memorial is the devotion pet garden stone. This beautifully carved stone is a great reminder of those held dearest to our hearts. It depicts paw prints of a cat and dog together and is etched with the saying, “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.”

Because this is a garden stone, it’s a true testament to your cat because it will reside in a place that flourishes with life and beauty, and a garden can be a place of peace for you to remember them by and for them to rest. The saying engraved upon its surface speaks to that loved one amazingly and envelops your soul with the unending love they have shown you and them.

This memorial is also great because it is made with a strong and durable resin that is perfect for standing up to garden weather. Like the pet you hold dear, this stone stands strong and true in the most trying of times.

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The Cat Memorial Angel Pet

Cat Memorial Angel Pet StatueBrilliance shines through in this elegant cat sculpture that will grab hold of your happiest thoughts of your cat. Being a cat depicted resting gently in its nook, this statue is made to show your cat’s peaceful face along with the wings of the angel they truly are.

It’s made from a quality designer resign to give it the durability needed to stand up to the test of time. It truly is an amazing depiction that will make your heart swell with love and joy every time you pass by.

Your cat’s life is truly emblazoned on this sculpture’s delicate features and allows you to feel the happiness and joy your cat felt during its time spent here. It also speaks of a place where all cats must eventually go to play, run, sleep, and enjoy the company of many cats that were loved the same.

They are all together, enjoying their time and watching over you with the angels.

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Carson Whiskers and Tails Cat Memorial Stepping Stone

Carson Whiskers and Tails Cat Memorial Stepping StoneStep through to a time of great joy and love with the Carson Whisker and Tails Cat Memorial Stepping Stone. Another beautiful and deeply thoughtful garden stone such as this will light up your heart and your home or garden with great memories and stories of your loved one.

The saying on this stone truly tells of the relationships between cats and cat guardians. The saying etched into this piece is “No longer by my side… but Forever in my Heart” and will bring out the times when your cat was there for you and you for them and how amazing it is to have had that time with them.

Never let go of the best memories with your cat and know that they are happy and safe in a place with love and compassion. This stone will let your cat know that they will never be apart from you because they are always in your heart!

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Cat Memorial Photo Frame

Cat Memorial Photo FrameAnother perfect way to remember your cat is the Memorial Photo Frame. Many ways of celebrating your cat’s life outdoors have been included here, so we thought also to include a way to remember your cat while you’re in the comfort of your home.

All of us hold special places in our hearts for our cats. We want to have the time and comfort in our home to remember and find joy in the lives our cats have shared with us. This celebration of life comes in the form of a photo frame with a gentle and touching poem on its right side.

The poem reads, “When Tomorrow Starts Without Me, And I’m not there to see, The sun will rise and find your eyes, All filled with tears for me. I wish so much you wouldn’t cry, The way you did today, Remembering my gentle “purr” Before I went away. Now free from pain and suffering, In sunlit fields, I play. And I will wait patiently, ‘Till we meet again, someday.”

This poem best describes the state we will all want to feel when we honor our loving cat’s memory.

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In Our Thoughts And Hearts

There are many different ways to remember a special cat that has touched your life, and these memorials are great ways to do that. Also, the memorial can be a great starting point in remembrance of your beloved cat. It has truly been felt deep in our hearts to present this information to you, and we share this joy and comfort with you.

In the most loving way possible, we are always looking to improve and help the lives of your loving cats and your own. If there is anything that you feel we can do for you or the cat in your life, we always encourage your feedback. Thank you for sharing these delicate ideas and moments with us.